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Welcome to our website devoted to Ham Radio and Lighthouses.

There is a strong following of lighthouse enthusiasts around the world and amateur radio makes for an interesting connection.
A lot of ham radio operators served as ship radiomen or worked at maritime coast stations, or did something in their life to do with safety at sea. Then there are those like us who just love lighthouses.

Jim, ...W5AZN

Patty, W5AZO




HAM-COM - Irving, Texas 2015



Jim (W5AZN) atop Port Isabel Lighthouse


The photo to the right was taken atop the Point (now Port) Isabel Lighthouse in 1916. The station was built on 20 acres with two 330 foot triangular steel towers spaced 1250 feet apart. The Point Isabel site was one of three wireless stations strategicly placed by the U.S. Navy to cover the whole of North America. The First New York Cavalry was part of a contingent to set-up the wireless station as seen by the tents and horse-drawn wagons next to the towers. Link to: A Short History of the Beginnings of U. S. Navy Radio Communications and the United States Navy Point Isabel Wireless Station
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Rockwall Lighthouse
Lighthouse on Lake Ray Hubbard
Dallas, Texas.